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We’re all about providing great service. Let Fosad Consulting help you with all the business solution you’ve been looking for.

We understand the complexities of business travel and the importance of trusting your travel management company. With our extensive experience and a suite of features designed to simplify and economize your bookings, you can be rest assured that your travelers are in good hands.

FOSAD CONSULTING, LLC. manages all aspects of a client’s travel program, while identifying cost savings and eliminating excess spending at every step. With an emphasis on quality over quantity, we employ a high-level service approach with management involvement to ensure that you are optimizing your travel program.

FOSAD CONSULTING, LLC. can support your travel needs worldwide and we can provide global solutions with local insight from specialist management companies delivering service excellence and tangible ROI for our customers.

Managing a successful travel program requires a cohesive and fully integrated travel management strategy. Online, offline, and throughout the world, FOSAD CONSULTING, LLC. offers solutions for 100% of your corporate travel needs. With an emphasis on quality and value, we address the needs of travelers while providing maximum savings. Our size, resources, experience and industry position enable us to take advantage of strong supplier relationships that result in significant cost-savings for our clients. From small businesses to multinational corporations, we further leverage the expertise of our travel consultants and cutting-edge technology to shape the perfect corporate travel management program for your business.

Let’s walk through how FOSAD CONSULTING, LLC. creates, implements and services our travel programs.

For Your Corporate Travel Needs

Through our 21 Global Centers of Excellence, FOSAD CONSULTING, LLC. maintains an ample global presence. FOSAD CONSULTING, LLC. is able to provide global travel solutions, on a single platform, complimented by local presence and regional expertise through our streamlined infrastructure. Today, FOSAD CONSULTING, LLC.’s Global Centers of Excellence touch 6 continents with the ability to ticket locally in over 50 specific markets.

Working in collaboration with our in-house Implementation Team and your key stake-holders, your designated Account Manager will create a strategy for your travel program and help drive the implementation process forward. Your Account Manager serves as the key contact for managing your travel program, ensuring that everyone involved understands the requirements and is providing optimal service

Even in an emergency situation, you can be rest assured that your calls will not be routed to foreign call centers or third-party contractors. FOSAD CONSULTING, LLC. provides all clients access to a 24-hour emergency service staffed by our own highly trained travel consultants.

FOSAD CONSULTING, LLC. offers a number of different tools to ensure traveler safety and security while traveling. In addition to our proprietary PinPoint Traveler Tracking tool, FOSAD CONSULTING, LLC. works in conjunction with industry-leaders such as International SOS, FlightStats, Control Risks Group, and iJet to provide a full suite of risk management services.

Out of 150+ travel partners, Concur has hand selected a small group of agencies to be designated as “Preferred TMC Partners.” Through our close partnership and success with Concur, FOSAD CONSULTING, LLC. has been selected as one of 18 TMC’s to receive this status. Of those 18, FOSAD CONSULTING, LLC. is currently the largest TMC and the only one that is truly global through wholly owned operations outside the US and UK.