Building Sales Techniques – The Science of Selling

Date: 9th Sept 2021  / ADMISSION: TBD

Webinar Overview

Course Overview

Unlike advertisement, sponsorship, and other medium used in creating awareness about a product or a service to the general public, Selling is the marketing task that involves direct contact with a customer/client, which in some cases could begin with a phone conversation or an electronic mail for booking meetings and end with direct or face-to-face contact with the target customer. Face-to-face selling permits a direct interaction between buyer and seller. This two-way interaction creates room for the seller to carry out a thorough diagnostic on the specific needs and problems of the potential customer/client or identify how the product or service is relevant to the target customer or organization. 

How would you feel about becoming someone who helps people solve problems by offering them solutions that meet their needs? At its essence, this is what sales truly mean. With the current economic climate, clients are increasingly keen on value in a particular product or service. What buyers want is a way to solve their problems, and the more you can position what you are selling as the right solution, the greater chance you have of closing the deal. The key to this kind of solution selling is, of course, product knowledge. 

During this course, we will explore sales from the perspective mentioned above – as a solution to a customer’s/client’s problem.  This process goes beyond building the right network or ordinarily targeting a potential buying organization but extends to being able to utilize an effective, structured model to assess the customer’s/client’s needs that convinces them in developing a long-term lasting relationship with you – the seller. By doing so, you have established yourself as an effective solutions provider.

Learning Objective

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify general selling skills
  • Discuss the stages in the selling process
  • Identify specific proactive selling skills and networking
  • Describe personal selling objectives and strategies
  • Describe the tasks of sales management
  • Discuss ethical issues in personal selling and sales management
  • Explain client relationship management
  • Use different channels to market


  • Basic Selling
  • Preamble to Selling 
  • Selling Using the Needs Assessment of Clients
  • The SPRING Model and its Application 
  • Building the Right Network Using a Variety of Channels
  • Environmental and Managerial Forces Affecting Sales
  • Characteristics of a Modern Selling – Using Social Media and Big Data
  • Sales Management
  • Ethical Issues in Personal Selling and Sales Management
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