Client Relationship Management

Date: 29th Sept 2021  / ADMISSION: TBD

Webinar Overview


This program aims to shift from the usual business approach of managing clients towards one where you adjoin true value to your clients/customers by working collaboratively to attain higher levels of success.  You will learn to identify and prioritize key relationships, and identify why there is conflict in some relationships and not in others. You will also develop strategies and ideas for improving customer relationships and will explore and develop relationship management principles that will help in understanding compelling customer needs and value.

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding client value and relationship dynamics
  • Client relationship management
  • Methods to analyze and prioritize a range of client relationships
  • Business to business customer value and satisfaction
  • Managing difficult and demanding customers
  • Winning more business through effective relationship management
  • Uncovering unspoken needs through the clients’ eyes
  • Gaining new confidence in building rapport and networking effortlessly


Building and Retaining Client Relationships

  • Why clients complain
  • The client service process
  • Managing difficult and determined clients
  • How to focus on the clients’ business problem
  • Aligning business solutions with client’s evolving needs
  • Designing your marketing programmes to address what your customer cares about
  • Building client relationships that result to loyalty
  • Personal application plan

Achieving Client Service Excellence

  • Why is client service important?
  • Benefits of delivering quality client service
  • What are your clients’ expectations?
  • Refreshing the core clients service skill
  • How to deliver quality service 

Key Communication Skills

  • Verbal communication skills: Face-to-face client service, business phone etiquette
  • Written communication skills:  Writing skills, use of electronic mail
  • Team Building: How to build a team, igniting the team spirit

Improving Your Client Service 

  • Bench-marking client service standards
  • Analyzing client feedback
  • Tracking and analyzing errors and complaints
  • Action plan
  • Rewarding staff for excellent client service
  • Future development plan
  • The Dynamics of Client Value in Cross-Cultural Business Relationships
  • Client value in business-to-business relationships
  • Trust formation in cross-cultural business to business relationships
  • Modeling client value perception in cross-cultural business market
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