Data Management, Manipulation and Analysis Using Microsoft Excel

Date: 20th-21st October 2022  / ADMISSION: TBD


Data is generated in almost every aspect of our life readily and freely. It can be in the form of day-to-day purchases, our business activities or even personal achievements. The availability of this rich data creates excellent opportunities to solve problems and leads to improvements in all aspects of our lives especially in commercial activities. Traditionally problem solving involved sophisticated quantitative skills. Today technology has made everything much easier through the use of a tool called Excel.

This training course helps participants to use Excel to query data, test hypothesis and solve sophisticated problems. Over 50 Excel functions, charts and analysis tools are waiting to make your work easy and organized.


At the end of this training course, participants should be able to;

  • Familiarize themselves with 50+ Excel functions
  • Recognize the right chart for the right task
  • Manipulate both textual and numerical data
  • Analyze relationships amongst variables and generate forecasts.


  • The Excel environment-how to become an advanced user
  • Analyzing numerical data using Excel functions
  • Appropriate uses of pivot tables
  • Selecting the most appropriate function to suit the task
  • Selecting the right chart for the right task
  • Statistical analysis using the data analysis tool
  • Financial analysis using Excel functions
  • Solver, goal seek and scenario analysis
  • Generating forecasts of important variables