Personal Branding and Reputation Management in the Modern Workplace

Date: 8th Oct 2021  / ADMISSION: TBD

Webinar Overview

Course Overview 

Participants will design their own personal brand and learn how to manage their reputation for ongoing success in the workplace. Individuals need to design and manage their corporate brand and reputation the same way companies do.

Learning Outcome

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discover your own personal brand
    • Understand the concept of reputation management
    • Explain the importance of feedback
    • Understand the foundation and building blocks of designing a personal brand
    • Provide guidance on managing your reputation

Course Outline 

  • Definition of a brand
    • What is a personal brand?
    • Why is it important to design your own brand?
    • Brands in a disrupted workplace
    • Self-Awareness: The Input into your brand
    • Design your own personal brand
    • The world around us
    • Manage your reputation
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