Warehouse Management

Date: 13th-14th October 2022  / ADMISSION: TBD


Warehousing is the process in an organization of storing goods and materials at the most economical way and is recognized as a major contributor to costs in an organization. Warehousing has a critical part to play in the supply chain management. This exciting course will examine warehouse management as the involvement of all business processes across the supply chain looking at strategic, tactical and organizational levels. Participants of this course will be inspired to return to their organizations and implement ideas to make significant cost savings in a number of different areas of their business.


At the end of the training course delegates will be able to;

  • Identify the process of Warehousing within their organizations
  • Determine the best strategy for locating, structuring and operating the warehouse
  • Identify and implement lean principles through changes to processes
  • Improve the inventory strategy across the business acquiring knowledge about making improvements to organization processes
  • Leverage information technology to improve visibility


  • Warehouse infrastructure strategies
    • warehouse location strategy
    • options in warehouse layout and design
    • classes of warehouses, warehouse automation
    • information technology in the warehouse
    • industry variations
  • Warehouse Operating Processes and Principles
    • key functional processes from receiving to picking and shipping
    • optimizing the flow of goods across processes
    • advanced processes break-bulk, cross doking, mixing, assembly
    • cycle counting, conducting a physical inventory audit
    • implementing lean principles in the warehouse
    • continuous improvement and managing change
  • Inventory Analysis and Product classification
    • the function of inventory
    • inventory accuracy and control
    • handling WIP inventory
    • three-dimensional inventory classification to drive efficiency
    • replenishment methods and strategies
  • Leveraging your resources and developing new capabilities
    • managing and incentivizing your people
    • employee training and evaluation
    • the IT environment, year enterprise and the warehouse
    • role of the warehouse in the value chain
    • outsourcing: Risks and opportunities
    • supplier collaboration models and strategies
  • Create a world-class warehouse with performance management and metrics
    • contemporary trends in warehousing
    • warehouse best practices and benchmarking
    • the role of performance management in the warehouse
    • what you should measure
    • establish an executive dashboard using key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • identifying, prioritizing and implementing improvements